The Total Savage

The Total Savage

Do you have what it takes to become The Total Savage?


The Total Savage is a 16 week program, divided into 4 phases, each of which will be 4 weeks long.


Each phase focuses on a different muscular adaptation and energy system development, and will build off of each other as you get deeper into the program.


With the exception of the final week, where you’ll put all of the work you’ve done to the test, every week will contain 6 training days - 3 strength training days and 3 conditioning days. Some of the conditioning days double as strength training days. This might seem strange at first, but when you get to the final phase and are lifting video game numbers all day long without breaking a sweat, you’ll understand what we’re going for.


This program won’t be easy. It will test you physically and mentally as you fight to survive a grueling workload designed to build the strongest and most capable version of yourself. 6-8 weeks in you’ll be asking yourself, “what the hell was I thinking?”


But by week 16, not only will you be the biggest and strongest person in your gym, you’ll be running circles around everyone there. And when they finally get dizzy from watching you do that, you’ll run right through them. 


16 weeks stand between you and the best shape of your life. What are you waiting for?


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