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Training Is An Investment, Not an Expense

Training is an investment in yourself.

So many times when talking with potential clients the topic of the “expense” of training is brought up.

Listen, I get it. Quality coaching and training isn’t necessarily cheap.

However, the same people who can’t afford coaching drove up to the gym in a car with a monthly payment I could never afford.

They also used the new iPhone X to schedule this consultation with me.

It’s Not Too Expensive. It’s Just Not Important Enough.

It’s not a matter of not being able to afford it, it’s a matter of making it a priority.

If you can’t afford the nice car you want, you take out a loan and work extra hours.


Because you imagine the trade off of working extra and paying more to be worth it when you finally get that sweet ride.

It is very unlikely you could “afford” the college you went to in order to obtain your degree.

What is college now, like $40,000 per semester?

But you took out loans and worked your hardest to get good grades in order to get in.


Because you convinced yourself that all that money would pay itself back in the long run when you got your degree.

College is considered by many to be an investment as opposed to an expense.

Training is the same thing, at a fraction of the cost. And while there is no guarantee in today’s world that going to college will land you a dream job, I can guarantee you that training will have a positive impact on your body.

Your Money Will Pay Itself Back

By investing in your body and your health you will be paying yourself back in the long run.

The money you save in medical bills, doctor visits, medications, and other fees will be far more than what you spend in preventative measures.

The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is extremely applicable


Besides, even if it was cheaper to just deal with the consequences after the fact, training is a far more fun way to spend your time than in the doctor’s office.

Trust me on that one.

Change Your Perspective

Look at training through a different light. This is your body, and you are stuck with it until you take your last breath.

Wouldn’t you want to save a little money elsewhere?

If you need help getting into the best shape of your life or just starting the training process please don’t hesitate to reach out.

I will do everything in my power to help you become successful.

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