• Matt Ferrara BS C.S.C.S

Single Leg Stance Competency: The Hinge

I’m a big fan of the kettlebell swap for developing stability in the single leg stance position.

It teaches you to center the acetabulum on top of the femur in what is known to PRI folks as AFIR (acetabulum on femur internal rotation).

It also teaches you to hold this position and own it while the load is being displaced from side to side, which further challenges your stability in the frontal plane.

I am also a big fan of doing these with the rear leg against a wall and a pull with the front heel. This helps you first stabilize the pelvis in the sagittal plane using the medial hamstrings and abs, which leads to further competency in the frontal plane.

Sagittal plane competency is required first, then we can start trying to master other planes.

Start with 3 rounds of 10 swaps each side as part of your movement prep and patterning before the session starts. Make sure to hold each rep for at least one full breath cycle before swapping back to the other side.

Make sure to get into proper single leg stance as well or else you will lose all of the potential benefits of this movement. That means that your nose, sternum, belt buckle, knee, and midfoot should all be in line. You should also be grounded to the floor with the inside arch of your foot and have ground contact with your big toe, little toe, and heel.

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