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The Problem…. Times are absolutely crazy right now. Unless you live under a rock, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Covid-19, or Novel Coronavirus, has taken the world by storm. As a result, many are forced to shelter from home and nonessential businesses are closing left and right. Among these nonessential businesses are gyms and other training facilities. Because of this, we have a mad rush of people trying to maintain or improve upon the gains they’ve built in the gym while stuck at home with little to no equipment. Some of us are desperately just trying to perform damage control and keep from gaining tons of fat and losing our hard fought muscle. This is a tough time to be someone who cares deeply about their own physical training. I know this because I feel the same way as you do right now. Regardless of your training goals or what type of training you like to do we can all come together in these dark times. That’s why I’ve put together my own home workout without equipment in order to keep your gains safe. If you want to skip to the chase, download it below.

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If you want to learn more about the program, read on. The Solution:

I’m luckily not stuck at home for now as I coach at a private facility that is shut down. I will be in, cleaning and performing upgrades on the gym while no other clients or staff are in, so I will for now be planning to train through these uncertain times. I consider myself VERY lucky. However, most of us do not have this situation including my in person and remote clients. I’m not going to lie, before I knew I had access to the gym I panicked a little bit. I signed up for my first strongman competition a few months ago and the date is rapidly approaching. I still have no idea if it will be cancelled, but at the time it hit me that I wouldn’t have access to the gym and I wasn’t going to be ready. As a result, I madly put together a program designed to help mitigate my loss of strength and hopefully keep me somewhat ready to compete. Luckily, it isn’t going to come to that. However, this same program has already been implemented by over two dozen people so far due to everything going on right now. The number of participants keeps climbing rapidly, and the results are pouring in so far. It’s incredibly humbling to hear from so many people, and I’m excited to see where this thing goes. I want to share this program with people other than my clients as well. That’s why I’ve decided to put it on sale on my site for only $25. After the virus has passed I will bring the price to the full value of $50, but for now I want to be able to help in some way. If you’re interested in purchasing the program, click the link below. Regardless, keep reading in order to find out more about the program and decide if it is for you.

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The Program: When I started writing this program I had to come to some hard truths. If you’ve been training hard for more than a year with access to weights, it’s going to be pretty damn impossible to make progress in the traditional sense. I mean, how are you going to hit a pr if you literally don’t have any more weight to add to the bar? So we’re going to have to make a mindset shift and focus on the things that we can control. So what adaptations can we make to the body without added load? Here is a list of a few….

  • Aerobic capacity/oxygen supply to working muscles

  • Joint/tendon health

  • Improved familiarity/understanding of fundamental patterns

  • Improved “functional mobility” (joint range of motion and stability) Fatigue resistance to local muscles

  • Mitochondrial/capillary density

Lying to you and saying that this program will drive up your one rep max deadlift does neither of us any good. Instead, we need to focus on the things we can actually still make changes in. We are also going to need to get a little with the tactics we use. Again, we do not have access to equipment and cannot add external load. Therefore we up the ante using other methods, most importantly tempo. Here are some of the methods of training you will encounter during the three phases of this program.

  • Eccentrics

  • Isometric Holds

  • Statodynamic reps (3 second eccentric and a 3 second concentric with no lockout at end range for constant muscular tension and substrate benefits)

These are some of the most potent and efficient methods I have come across in terms of training the body with little access to load. Hell, even with load these methods are incredibly efficient and can produce some great results. You’re going to see some pretty cool adaptations take place in your body pretty damn quickly!

The Decision: So now we have come across a fork in the road, you have a decision to make. Are you going to sit around and let your hard fought work slip away? Or are you going to download this program and join a community of people who refuses to settle? The choice is up to you. Myself and others already reaping the benefits of this program will be awaiting your decision….

Talk soon, Coach Matt

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P.S. Still have more questions? Read through the frequently asked questions below or shoot me an email to find out more. I wish you the best in these uncertain and unfortunate times. May you, your loved ones, and your gains stay safe. FAQ’s Q: Do I need access to a gym or any equipment to do this program? A: No! No equipment is needed and you can do it from the comfort of your own home! Q: How long is the program? A: The program is a total of 12 weeks, broken into three phases that are each four weeks in duration. Q: What does the program cost? A: The total cost for the program is $50. However, during the Covid-19 crisis it will be on sale for $25! Q: How long does each workout take? A: Each session takes about 20 minutes, depending on your level of conditioning. Q: How many sessions are there per week? A: The program includes four sessions per week to keep you busy during quarantine! However, it can be modified for 2 or 3 days per week. Q: Can this be done in conjunction with my regular training? A: Yes! The program works great as a standalone or in conjunction with your regular training. Q: What if I don’t know how to do the exercises? A: That’s why I’ve provided links to video demonstrations of each one for you!

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