• Matt Ferrara BS C.S.C.S

Have Some Damn Passion!

Everyone in the men’s locker room could hear me puking.

I didn’t care.

All I could think about was trying to catch my breath between dry heaves and not passing out.

I had a client coming in for a session in ten minutes and I needed to pull my shit together, and fast.

To make matters even worse I had also forgotten to take my work uniform off. 

Everyone who just saw me sprint across the turf to the locker room to puke witnessed me do it in my official “Trainer” tee shirt and lululemon shorts.

I clearly knew what I was doing....

So what the hell got me here? Staring face down at a commercial gym toilet like some kind of foul smelling reflective pool, trying to regain consciousness.

It all started with a bet....

My first real personal training job out of college was at the Dorchester Location of Boston

Sports Clubs.

I applied a week before finals, and started my first day two days before graduation.

Needless to say, I was excited. Training and helping others get better had been a passion of mine for the past 5 years, and someone was finally going to pay me for it.

I also was going to be working with some people that are best friends to this day. I was living the dream...

Fast forward to that fateful day in the locker room, and I was clearly not still living the dream.

One of those best friends had challenged me to see who could squat 225 pounds the most times without putting the bar down.

You see, it was 5:45, and the gym was slammed. We both had clients coming in at 6:15, and didn’t get to do our training session that day.

Being weightlifters, our sessions usually took absolutely forever. Snatch, sit, squat, sit, clean, sit, and repeat. We only had 20 minutes though, as we had to look presentable for our next clients.

We came up with the rules to the challenge quite quickly, and hopped right in. We didn’t even take time to change into our training clothes. This was mistake number one.

Was This A Good Idea?

Absolutely not. It doesn't take an expert coach or trainer to answer that question. Stupid is stupid.

At the time my friend squatted over 500 pounds. My max was just shy of 400. I was already at a huge disadvantage.

But the excitement of a challenge and my competitive nature lit a fire that gave me the energy I needed. He did 25 reps with 225 lbs, and I followed that up with 31.


What is the point of this story?

No I don't want you to make yourself throw up, but the next time you go train put some passion into what you're doing. Leave some sweat on the ground, maybe even a little blood on the bar. The body is much more resilient than you think, and it is going to be the mind that holds you back in most situations.

Let your passion help you find new limits.

Are You Passionate?

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