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AIDS, and Why You Should Start Training Now

Do you want to get tested for AIDS?

This was the third time the doctor had asked me this during our 20 minute visit.

I said no, again, and kept starting at the wall.

He continued to ask questions I mostly said no to.

I continued to stare at that same spot on the wall.

Where Are You Most Uncomfortable?

If you asked me to name the place that I feel most uncomfortable in, the doctors office would make the top of the list more times than not.

Truthfully, it may be a three way tie between the doctors office, church, and night clubs.

Luckily only one of those three things is necessary for your health, which is what landed me in that office earlier today.

Rewind the past 8 years though, and the gym may have taken a spot on that list of uncomfortable places.

Hard to believe huh? Well it is for me too. I went from being afraid to step into a gym to following a career path that has me in a gym more than my own home. And I love every second of it.


Unfortunately, I am far from alone in that experience. So many people never join a gym or never start training simply because they are uncomfortable and intimidated by the process.

They think that their is a certain level they need to achieve just to be a member, or that somehow their desire to be better isn’t worthy.

They think people will judge them.

While none of these things are true, the mind certainly paints vivid scenarios where they are.

One of the things I am passionate about is destroying these negative connotations with the gym and training. The gym is a place of hard work and self sacrifice, and anybody who prescribes to those ideals is alright by me.

It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, what your goals are, how much you weigh, what clothes you have to work out in.

If you want to start, start now. F*ck what everyone else thinks, but I doubt they think what your mind has been telling you they will anyways.

If you’re uncomfortable or nervous to start, know this. Nobody else in a commercial gym knows what they are doing anyway. And if they do, they are usually more than willing to

help someone with a common interest.

If you’re still nervous, come to Arkitect Fitness and book a free consultation with me. I will take you around the gym, show you how to use the equipment, and answer and questions you may have. We will also get your first workout in together.

I Will Slap Someone In The Face For You

As a bonus, let me make you a very enticing promise.

If anyone laughs at you during this process, I will personally walk up to them and slap them across the face. That’s right, a big ole smack.

Why do I feel so confident saying this? First, the community at Arkitect is so damn welcoming I know that would never happen.

Second, I will slap someone for you, cause we all need that person in our life.

Start Now

If you’re intimidated to start building a better body and a better life for yourself, I hope this helped. If you’re on the fence, start now. If someone gets in your way, forget about them.

This is for you. You deserve it.

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