I have always made the best improvements in my training when I was working with a coach. Left to my own devices, I fall into the same traps that most people do. I tend to perform mostly the exercises I enjoy doing, and conveniently leave out those that I don’t. This typically ends months later with me having spun my wheels and put in plenty of time and effort without the results to show for it. The best coaches have a coach, and there is a strong reason for this.

So we know having a coach/trainer is super important, but paying to work with one in person isn’t cheap and the session costs start to rack up.

When I coached in Boston, my clients paid anywhere from $75 to $175 an hour to work with me depending on the session package they purchased. This was for a one hour session, and most of them did at least two to three sessions a week. That is a total of $900-$2,100 a month on personal training.

That is a huge investment, and one that many people are not capable of making regardless of how much they are invested in their own health and physical goals. We all have bills to pay, and $2,100 a month is something that I know I simply can’t afford, regardless of how important it is to me. How could I ask other people to do so?

That level of one on one attention is necessary for some clients, but not all. In fact, for most it may be a service that they are overpaying considerably for. Many of the clients that I work with have a foundational understanding of exercise and have worked out before, they just need a well thought out program and a push in the right direction.

This is where Individualized Distance Coaching comes into play. You pay for all the things you need, and not a cent more for the things you don’t. In fact, when it comes down to it, you pay a month what my coaching costs for an hour in person.

Sound like a hell of a deal? Well that’s because it is! And it benefits me even more as I get to help more and more people reach their goals without being limited by location and driving distance.

As a Distance Coaching Client, these are the benefits you will receive each month:

-A custom program written for you and your goals.

-Email access to me in regards to programming and training

-Once a week video analysis of your technique

Interested in signing up? Fill out the intake form below and I will get back to you shortly!

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